Saturday, 28 May 2011


Now is official! I'll be participating  in a market on the 23th of July! So that's it! No more life for me for the next 2 months!! Not just need to work my normal ours at work+housework but now extra "bakering" work! I did a few mini donughts and cupcakes... will put photo asap my jump rings arrive from china! heheheh actually i think they did arrive, but i went to the post office and for the 3th time in less than 6 month they can't find my pack!! Hopefully they will redelivery monday/tuesday :)
Right now I'm waiting my new experiments come out of the oven... hope nothing explode!! (i'm using a few other products that are not polymer clay and i dont know how they will react at 130*C...)
Anyway... will put photos soon :)

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