Tuesday, 27 November 2012

After the "Jewellery from found objects and recycled materials" course....

Lat week I finished my 3 days course to learn how to do jewellery with found objects! Wont denied I was getting stress in the first 2 classes because I had so many projects and I though I would have time to finished any of them, but in the last class everything came along very nicely and here are the results!! (PS: 2 of the owls on the other post were made in the same course as well)

 Polymer clay                                                                   Cork + polymer clay

                 Polymer clay + sterling silver                          Cork + copper (need to buy a chain for it)    
                  Polymer clay + cork + wire                           Polymer clay
                             Glass + sterling silver (will try to do a polymer clay version of this one!!)

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